I'm very happy to introduce you to a new band from my shoddy label today. The 4 guys come from Leipzig, play pub rock with a touch of deep psych and their album, which will be released in June, will be called "Slow Gems". You named yourself after a sad and tragic whim of nature. So curtain up for the Schneckenkönich. When I like music, I always think of the sound in pictures and their sound smells like the great expanse of American highways. But don't get me wrong, neither hot rods nor any chav cruisers come to mind, but rather run-down, dirty and spoiled pick-ups parked in front of lonely, shabby country road bars. Everything is unexcited and unpretentiously beautiful, and it is precisely this honesty that unfolds a power in the songs that I have seldom heard like this. The guys were invited to open in front of Kadavar in UT Connewitz this week and apparently I wasn't the only one who had a similar feeling listening to the songs. The popularity and the smiles on the faces of the guests increased from song to song. We had a pre-release version of the album with us for the evening, screen-printed cover, autograph card, etc. (thanks again to Hannes from Rainbow for the print). In any case, I was only able to save 5 of the 50 pieces for my web shop, the rest was sold immediately after the concert and if we had had 50 with us, they would have been gone too.
So that we don't misunderstand each other. Schneckenkönich are a band that you love to admire while sitting in a bar and with whom you can go play a round of pool after the concert. You can't expect anything that somehow fits into a trend, nothing that a fanzine would like to describe, nothing that you can use to climb the coolness scales of important people, but as a friend of the band said "honest worker hippie rock" and believe me, it's one of the best drinks you can have this year.

»Slow Gems«

LP limited 2023

Sounds of Subterrania

SoS 220

1. The Black
2. Cry Me
3. Workin In A War
4. Shame on You
5. Going Down
6. All The Children
7. Get Ya
8. All By Myself
9. Policeman
10. Mommy
11. Someday

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13.10.23 - Altenburg - Weindepot

Schneckenkönich - Live from the Attic

Schneckenkönich - live at Black Label Pub