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+++ 04.04.2024 +++

Jesse - Complete Discography

There are records that accompany you throughout your entire life. In 1996, two years before I founded my label, I drove to neigh-boring Göttingen. Three English bands were playing a gig together. Broccoli, Wat Tyler and Jessie. The unsuspecting, would not know them, while those in the know would be delighted!
Not knowing how busy it would be, we set off very early, of course much too early and so there was time to stow all the records we bought at the merch stall in the car and kill time in the half-empty concert hall. To put it simply, it was one of the concerts you will never forget. Not because anything spectacular happened, but because it was the start of a friendship and a deepening love for the music of the man from Sunderland in the North East of England.
Now 28 years later, my friend Graeme from Little Rocket Records is releasing their songs on a double LP, Sounds of Subterrania is taking over the distribution and that's not all. There will be a small Sounds of Subterrania limited edition of 100 with screen-printed artwork and band card, of course on traditional but simple, black Vinyl.

+++ 04.04.2023 +++

Sounds of Subterrania - Bite it! Festival -Instant Assholes Edition

25 years of Sounds of Subterrania! Reason to go back to the roots and stamp another Bite it festival out of the ground. This year's festival will be all about the label's first attempts at walking - pure old school garage punk, so to speak an instant assholes edition.
It will take place on May 26th/27th in Sounds of Subterrania's favorite concert venue, Hamburg Hafenklang.

Smokin' Taters
Lo Fat Orchestra
Columbian Neckties
Cellophane Suckers
The Monsters

The Pill
Johnny Notebook
The Love
The Hara-Kee-Rees
The 50 Kaitenz

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+++ 16.10.2022 +++

Columbian Neckties - What do to 7"

Next week the Columbian Neckties will be on tour for 3 days. Our way leads us to Darmstadt, Stuttgart and Cologne. And we're really looking forward to the shows. To make the shows even more special for you, we also have the new 7" "What to Do" in our suitcase.
So come along, drink with us and have fun with us!

20.10.22 Darmstadt - Knabenschule
21.10.22 Stuttgart - Goldmarks
22.10.22 Köln -Sonic Ballroom


+++ 04.05.2022 +++

Snake - Undreams

In Germany there is the now not so common word “Gram”, which describes a persistent, gnawing sorrow. In my search to put into words the music of "Undreams", the second album by the Stockholm-based three-piece band Snake, this word kept coming to mind.
Fascinatingly frozen by the fragile beauty in which the songs are composed, I am drawn to the minimalist, unfiltered rawness casts a spell over me and yet, like a mirror, it reflects the sound of this brokenness on one's own being.
"Undreams" comes seven years after the debut album "Cradle of Snake". These seven years have done the band more than good. The dark sound of their songs has nothing in common with the adolescent melancholy of some contemporaries. It is not egocentric or even narcissistic, but rather, and forgive me for using this word because it is equally uncommon in this context, caring. He wraps you gently like your favourite blanket on a grey autumn day, gives you soft, flickering light on a nightly path, he comforts quietly, knowing full well that danger is not banished by a hum, he says the world is not a good place, but we have it in our hands, as long as we stick together, to change that.
It may sound presumptuous, but "Undreams" showcases all the skills Mia, Tess and Frankie have acquired over the years in their bands and solo projects. It is an album marked by life experience, dark, but also powerful, thunderous, energetic. "Undreams" is an album of three women facing life in all its facets. It was recorded, like the previous one, by Stefan Brändström at The Dustward Studio in Stockholm. Snake wanted to get as close as possible to the atmosphere of the rehearsal room and make the album a reflection of what the band heard and felt during rehearsals.

"With the power of 'Me Too' in our hearts, we've been working through the album process since the wave in 2017. We think it's a darker album, but also with a glimmer of hope. We've found that together we can be strong, share difficult experiences and make our voices heard. We address teenage angst, the fear of getting older, love, grief and the struggle to put the shame and guilt where it belongs."


+++ 18.05.2021 +++

Chain and the Gang - Down With Liberty… Up With Chains! LP repress

I've exchanged thoughts with Ian for years. It started at a concert in Hamburg and I was delighted with his interest in cultural and political contexts. Many of his assessments of development unite us and his countless projects are not only important food for thought and a source of inspiration for me. I am all the more delighted that our joint collaboration starts with this publication.

Release: 22/6/2021

Limited to 500 copies

Pre-Order Deutschland

International Pre-Order

The 2009 debut album from the chain gang led by Ian Svenonius (Nation of Ulysses, The Make-Up, Weird War) is a masterpiece of primitivism. From dazzling set pieces of R'n'B and rock'n'roll, the band forms highly melodic songs full of call-and-response chants ("What Is A Dollar"), or invites you to take a walk through the cemetery ("Cemetry Map"), which sounds so spooky as if voodoo master Dr. John had thought it up. Sometimes Svenonius just grabs a wooden guitar to make fun of conspiracy theories like in "Deathbed Confessions": "I faked the moon landing, I saved Hitler's brain. Yeah, it's in Argentina but it controls the USA." Calvin Johnson produced the album at his Dub Narcotic studio and also did a bit of background vocals. The beat lurches and sways as confidently and surely as an old sea dog's gait in a breeze of doppelkorn. The somewhat odd album title is explained by the always conceptually thinking singer as follows: "Everywhere freedom goes, it leaves a path of destruction. Fast food, bad architecture, materialism, unbridled greed, destroyed environment, imperial conquests, class struggle; combined, these phenomena are seemingly synonymous with freedom." When big words often hide only capitalist greed and imperialist war, Svenonius and Co. prefer to slip into the role of dissidents.

"Ian Svenonius is an inadvertent pioneer. His career has been a studied attempt to advance the history of punk rock, using influences as tools to build with rather than styles to flaunt and discard." - The Wire

+++ 26.03.2021 +++

Kaleb Steward - sad news

With a heavy heart unfortunately I have to inform you that my friend Kaleb Stewart is no longer with us.

I made friends with Kaleb in Salzgitter. He played there with his band As Friends Rust together with Strike Anywhere. The evening was terrific and somehow we kept in touch afterwards. This was followed by the release SoS 039 of Cro(w)s album, which he recorded together with Chris from Hot Water Music, but since Chris was busy and Kaleb didn't know where to go with his ideas, he just founded Grey Goose and took another album for my label. Actually a tour in Germany was planned, only Bill one of the band members was in custody and so nothing came of it. Kaleb then sent me a few songs that he had recorded alone, but then withdrew for a while, actually a decade. The songs were always on my computer and whenever I tried to clean up the hard drive, I stumbled over them.
Thanks to Facebook we somehow got in touch again and we published “Tropical Depression”. An album that reflected Kaleb's character in a special way. It's sad, melancholy, desperate about the world and yet gives so much hope.
This time the touring worked and Kaleb played his way through the bars of Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy and Germany. During the breaks he stayed with me and Anne. He always slept in the record room and preferred to sit outside and read. We taught him to eat Kässpätzle, although I'm not sure whether he just found the name funny or whether he also liked the food. Still, we didn't spend enough time together.
There is so much to write about, but I am empty.
Kaleb was a gentle person. I'm not sure if I was the friend I could have been to him. Sometimes it was an effort to talk to him because my English was so bad and I didn't always understand him. But we always found each other and never talked irrelevant nonsense. We both dreamed of a better world and somehow we stayed a part of the kids who met in Salzgitter.
Take care my friend. I miss you!

+++ 23.04.2020 +++

S o S - Covid-19 Artists Fonds

Sounds of Subterrania has two basic inspirations and pillars, one is the music and the other is the artwork. Both are threatened by the current situation and I would like to help both with this call. Because its a request for those, who have no loud voice in these times and will fall through the network of help.

Faratuben, a band from Mali and the youngest member of the Sounds of Subterrania community, is currently stranded in Denmark. In summer we wanted to release the first album. In this context, several gigs were booked, including the Roskilde Festival. This tour now breaks away completely and the band faces a mountain of debts of approx. € 10,000. Should we not be able to melt this mountain of debt, this has far-reaching effects on the work of the band, because unlike European or American bands, Faratuben can be refused the visa for later concerts due to their financial situation. Other African artists e.g. Bibi Ahmed and Group Inerane have already applied for visas and travel, which will now expire. They face the same fate. Kaleb Stewart is also unable to begin his tour and there is no need to mention, that the american government will not replace this loss. European bands are also in front of a heap of broken glass.

I would also like to mention that my african bands do important cultural and socio-political work locally in their countries. With their music they help to create an awareness of freedom, solidarity and humanity. They are at the forefront of injustice, making themselves vulnerable. They represent exactly mine, and I also hope your, old punk rock ideals and that's why your help is important now.

Likewise, many of the designers of my artwork are acutely affected by the current situation. Orders are canceled or not placed at all and tour posters without tours, you know ....

I would like to ask for donations for both, bands and designers, because as a label I am dependent on both.

The distribution will take place according to the need among the bands. For donations over 50 euros, we will create a special screen printing work of the first Faratuben album, limited to 100 pieces, and hand it over as a thank you. The creation and printing of the artwork is issued as an order to support the silkscreen community. If the number of donors of more than 50, - € exceeds this number, another screen printer will create an artwork for another Sounds of Subterrania band, in order to increase the effect of the support.

Thank you for your support.
Gregor Samsa

Sounds of Subterrania Covid-19 Artists Fonds

+++ 15.03.2020 +++

Hafenklang - Corona Clubhilfe

Vor einigen Jahren hatte ich einen Wasserschaden. 70% meines Labels wurden zerstört, in Zahlen 120.000,-€ und im Grunde habe ich mich bis heute nicht davon erholt. Ich startete eine Plattenverkaufsaktion die mich am Ende mehr Energie und Arbeit kostetet als sie einbrachte, aber und das war der Vorteil ein paar Menschen spendeten einfach Geld ohne einen Gegenwert zu wollen. Ich konnte mich nie richtig bedanken, aber ich denke sehr oft darüber nach, da dieses mich wirklich berührte. Warum ich das schreibe? Praktische Solidarität ist gefragt. Die Politik wird außer warmen Worten keine Hilfe für die kleinen Clubs, Bars, Musikern, Gestaltern etc sein. Das Geld wird an die Banken und die eh schon fett gepuderten und von Steuergeldern finanzierten Kultureinrichtungen gehen. Carsten Brosda hat zwar immer schöne Worte, aber die Erfahrung lehrt, am Ende wird sich nichts ändern (Ich will hier nebenbei an seine Schwerter zu Flugscharen Rede nach dem G20 Gipfel erinnern).
Aus diesem Grund habe ich mich zu folgendem entschlossen. 10% der Nettoeinnahmen aller Label- und Mailorderverkäufe werden auf unbestimmte Zeit dem Hafenklang gespendet. Dieses Geld soll helfen, einen für mich wichtigen Ort in dieser Zeit zu unterstützen. Wir können uns nur selber helfen und Solidarität darf nie eine leere Floskel bleiben, sonst sind wir wie die, gegen die wir aufbegehren. Wir Labels brauchen Orte wie das Hafenklang, den Komet, Lobusch, Störte, Tortuga Bar oder auch das Hausverbot. An diesen Orten findet unsere Kultur statt, das sind unsere Freiräume und hier spielt unsere Musik, hier treffen wir die Menschen mit denen wir uns austauschen können und mit denen wir auch gemeinsam von einer besseren Welt träumen können. Aber es bedarf nicht des Traumes, es bedarf Solidarität. Kleine Labels sind selbst in einer prekären Lage und glaubt mir, ich stehe seit 22 Jahren mit Sounds of Subterrania am Abgrund, aber es gab immer eine Handvoll Leute, die an meine Arbeit glauben und mich unterstützt haben.
Also um es kurz zu machen, 10% fürs Hafenklang. Vielleicht haben ja auch andere kleine Kapazitäten frei, denn natürlich gibt es mehr als einen Ort.

Wer einfach nur spenden möchte kann das hier tun:
Stiftung zur Stärkung privater Musikbühnen Hamburg
Hamburger Sparkasse
IBAN: DE79 200 50 550 1280 366 988
Betreff: Spende oder
Betreff: Spende Hafenklang

+++ 31.01.2020 +++

Lubomyr Melnyk - the Creator of Continuous Music and the Prophet of the Piano on Tour in germany!

03.02.20 - Jena - Trafo - sold out
04.02.20 - Jena - Trafo - Zusatzshow
05.02.20 - Münster - Museum für Kunst und Kultur
07.02.20 - Hamburg - Elbphilharmonie
08.02.20 - Berlin - silent green - Zusatzshow 16:00 bis 17:30
08.02.20 - Berlin - silent green - sold out

Lubomyr ist ein paar Tage in Deutschland unterwegs. Ich bin mit dabei und werden Platten und Poster verkaufen.

+++ 06.01.2020 +++



Doch ich halt Dinge verborgen
Tief im Dunkeln
Verschüttet, begraben
Im Schutze des Schmutzes

Sagenhafte 9 Monate hat die Nachpressung dieser Platte gedauert, doch was lange währt wird endlich existent.

Shoplink >>>
Gewalt - Limiter / Verheimlichung

+++ 28.11.2019 +++

| raum |

Vielleicht eine der interessantesten Galerien in Hamburg ist in der Hafencity, genauergenommen in derShanghaiallee 18 , beheimatet. Carolin Balas Pavisic betreibt dort | raum |, ein Off Space für moderne Kunst. Der brutalistisch anmutende Raum beherbergt "Art in all its forms" und verbindet damit bildende Kunst mit Performace Art und Konzerten.
Vom 01.12.19 bis zum 18.01.20 startet Carolin ein neues Projekt namens Kunst- und Warenhandel. Die Idee ist dabei, kleine Manufakturen und Künstler/innen mit einem hohen künstlerischen Anspruch zu präsentieren und miteinander zu verbinden. Neben ATELIER SANKALPA (Möbelstücke / Malerei), LA PHILIE (Porzellan / Gemälde), MATTEO BAUER BORNEMANN (Skulpturen / Vasen), FABIAN DEHI (Objekte), ISABELL KAMP (Keramik / Skulpturen) und PROJECT AUTARK (Textilstücke) ist auch SOUNDS OF SUBTERRANIA mit ausgewählten Tonträgern am Start. Passend zum Raum werde ich nicht nur eigene Tonträger präsentieren, sondern auch den dystopischen Retrowave des österreichischen Labels ELECTRONIC PURIFICATION vorstellen. Die Schallplatten dieses Labels sind zumeist auf 100 bis 200 Stück limitiert und bilden meiner Meinung nach den perfekten Kontrapunkt zum weihnachtlichen Geschehen.
Ich selbst werde am 1. Dezember ab 16 Uhr persönlich anwesend sein, also wer auf der Suche nach dem perfekten Geschenk ist oder einfach nur Lust auf ein Gespräch hat, mag einfach vorbeikommen.

Raum Hamburg
Shanghaiallee 18
20457 Hamburg

1. / 5.-8. / 12.-15. / 19.-23. / 28.-29. Dezember
2.-5. / 9.-12. / 16.-18. Januar
16:00 bis 19:00 Uhr

+++ 10.08.2019 +++

Lubomyr Melnyk - Pianist Lubomyr Melnyk is playing the world's largest vertical piano.

This is probably the largest concert piano in the world, and you have to climb a steep flight of metal stairs to play it.
Ventspils, Latvia, Aug. 4 (Xinhua) -- A concert grand piano boasting up to 5-meter-long strings was unveiled to the public in a new concert hall in Ventspils, a port city in western Latvia.
The giant instrument, believed to be the world's largest vertical concert piano, was made by piano builder David Klavins. The record-breaking piano is 4,7 meters tall and pianists have to walk up a steep staircase to reach the keys. It has stronger bass line and length of the strings creates much longer sound sustainability, according to Klavins.

+++ 02.07.2019 +++

Bibi Ahmed - Solo Recordings

Bibi Ahmed, Kopf und Bandleader von Group Inerane, stammt aus Agadez (Niger), eine der unbändigsten, unbeständigsten und gefährlichsten Gegenden dieser Erde. Früh wurde Bibi mit der Unterdrückung und Ausgrenzung der Tuareg durch die nationalen Regierungen von Mali und Niger konfrontiert. Ebenso früh erwachte seine Liebe zur Musik. Als Kind brachte sich Bibi Ahmed das Gitarre spielen selbst bei, bevor er seine Ausbildung von dem großen Meister und Vater des Tuareg-Blues, Abdallah Ag Oumbadougou, erhielt. Geprägt durch die Erlebnisse in den lybischen Flüchlingscamps während des Tuareg Aufstandes, verlieh Bibi Ahmed mit seiner Band Group Inerane der Rebellion eine eigene, musikalische Stimme und öffnete gleichzeitig die reiche Tradition der Tamachek-Gitarrensänge einer neue Generation Zuhörern. Im Februar lud Sounds of Subterrania Bibi zu Soloaufnahmen ins Lotte Lindenberg Studio in Frankfurt am Main ein um gemeinsam mit Wolfgang Johann und Farid Ayoub seine Version von Tuareg Blues, elektrifizierte Tamachek Folk und Psychedelic Sahara-Rock aufzunehmen.

+++ 06.07.2023 +++

Jaqee Nakiri - I am beyond delighted to announce the collaboration of Jaqee Nakiri and Sounds of Subterrania.

I am beyond delighted to announce the collaboration of Jaqee Nakiri and Sounds of Subterrania. Jaqee was born in Kampala and spent her teenage years in Gothenburg before she moved to Berlin in 2009.
But let’s start at the beginning. I was on my daily route between the post office and my storage space. Skipping through the different radio stations, I was annoyed by the dreariness they had to offer, as per usual. The tuner, or rather my ears, got stuck at the “Freie Sender Kombinat Hamburg” station – or rather at the song they were playing which had a cheerfulness to it that immediately got me.
A cell phone was illegally activated while driving, Shazam was asked, the song was saved, the car arrived at the storage space, packages were unloaded, a streaming platform was consulted for the recently played tunes – let’s cut to the chase – the song was called “Moonshine”. The following ten hours were there for one task only: to listen to Jaqee’s oeuvre.
With every listen I was feeling more and more euphoric and blissful.
Jaqee’s musical origin combines roots reggae, soul and African music. Above the minimalistic and yet exceptional instrumentation hovers this unmatched, beautiful voice full of power and piercing immediacy. What moved me the most, though, is the poetry in Jaqee’s lyrics, this lightness to chronicle without bitterness the intricacies of life in microcosm and questions in terms of civilization on a larger scale. Her lyrics return to the listener this spark of trust in oneself that one needs in order to meet life’s challenges.
Unfortunately though, most of Jaqee’s music has only been released digitally which is why I asked her to collaborate with me and to tackle the realization of her music on vinyl. We’ve spent a lot of time on the phone together, most often our conversations drifted off and we found ourselves discussing our society, racism and our own experiences. Jaqee helped me pin down events that I had previously observed – and here’s the link.
Her music does the same thing by giving the listener the chance to question and reform their own positioning, not by making use of canned patterns and solutions, but with small interpersonal encounters. It could be a glance, a dance. This communication on a connecting and personal level is what makes Jaqee’s artistry so approachable and special.
Whoever thinks now that this is a love letter, well you’re absolutely right. This is a love letter to a fucking magnificent artist and I would love it if you could spare some time to spend with Jaqee’s music.

+++ 02.01.2023 +++

Sounds of Subterrania - 25 years Bandcamp Discount

I've spent more than half my life with this little beast. Sounds of Subterrania gave me the chance to see the world, meet people, discover new things.
Those 25 years is why I've got a few little surprises for you guys this year. It will start in January with a digital Bandcamp discount. All albums can be downloaded for €2.50 and all albums together for just over €25.


+++ 15.06.2022 +++

El Guapo Stuntteam - Crowdfunding for book publication

25 years after its founding, the legendary Hasselt rock band El Guapo Stuntteam comes back to life in a book. It is stuntman Christian Maes who took up the pen and wrote the book himself. He relied on his personal archives and on testimonials from concert organizers and fans. It promises to be a colorful book full of photos and anecdotes, because El Guapo Stunt Team was not just a rock band, they literally and figuratively created sparks on stage.



+++ 15.10.2021 +++

The Monsters - You're Class, I'm Trash Special Edition

Ka boom!
It´s all over town. In 2021 it's time again for a new Monsters album and thus also for a new Sounds of Subterrania Special Edition. It's time to rewrite the history of the record cover. 2021 is about nothing more and nothing less than giving back Punk the Do It Yourself.

Are you ready for the greatest adventure of your life? Are you ready to face the most difficult task of your record collecting life and to turn a phrase into a creed, stitch by stitch?

Your set consists "You're Class, I'm Trash" as an English and a Swiss version, canvas, 5,500 cm of thread and a needle. Everything is wrapped in an XL poster with a velvet sleeve and peppered with the irrefutable certainty that you will have to fight this battle alone. It's up to you to bring the artwork to perfection and to prove what only a true fan is capable of.

The sets (Janosh, Swan-Lee or the Beat-Man himself) are strictly limited and only available directly from Sounds of Subterrania.

Pre sales start on Monday, October 18, 2021 at 5:03 p.m. Central European Time.

+++ 05.04.2021 +++

Sounds of Subterrania - Mailorder Advice 11/2021

The record of the week comes from The Strollers from Kuala Lumpur. Sounds of Subterrania recommends enjoying a Maybe Tomorrow.

01. The Strollers – Waiting For ... LP (Wohn Records)
This time the trip that I'm going on with the record of the week takes me to Malaysia in the 1970s. The band The Strollers, not to be confused with the eponymous, also outstanding band from Sweden, was founded in 1965 and was the most famous Malaysian kugiran (guitar band) of that time. They are also the first and to date the only Malaysian band to be signed by an international record label, CBS Records, to record and release English songs. Over a period of eight years they released nine singles, an EP and an album. From 1969 to 1973 The Strollers recorded 33 songs, including 17 original compositions, and released them. Waiting Is ... was originally released in 1973 and was re-released on the South Korean residential label in 2000. Musically there is spectacularly beautiful psychpop, which can be located between the soulful side of Ides of March, the “Pleasant Valley Sunday” sound of the Monkees and the beatpop of the Czerwone Gitary (red guitars) from Poland. In its opulent execution, the production in particular is very reminiscent of the beat music productions of the Wahrschauer Pakt, whereby the withdrawal of the voice creates a bridge to western productions. The album is full of great pop songs and impresses with its diversity and extremely high hit density.

02. Gasmask Terror - Chape de Plomb LP (Destructure)
Gasmask Terror grew dear to my heart when I saw them at a festival in a kind of Paris squad in 2017. The beer price for a poor, warm canned beer was 5, - € and my mood was accordingly. Gasmask Terror played pretty much at the end and then immediately knocked everything down with their Totalitär-, Discharge-influenced D-beat. Chape de Plomb, their third album from 2015 doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but nevertheless beats its way pleasantly and aggressively through the sadness of the modern world and thus at least conveys a little revolt.

03. Maxthor – Fiction LP (Electronic Purification) Electronic Purification, my favorite label for Retrowave, has struck again. Fiction is the second album by the Madrid band and captivates with its timid excursions into the realm of soft rock. When I hear the songs, memories of the summer camp discos of my childhood come to mind. I had no idea about music, sat anxiously on the edge and tormented myself through Modern Talking, Sandra, only to jump up at AC / DC, Cure or Die Ärzte and perform wondrous movements. Now and then compositions by Alphaville; Bronski Beat and Bolland and Bolland, whose strength I could not escape despite my inner struggle and striving. I am equally fascinated by the permanently destructively coded pieces by the three Madrid-based players. Neon light, a supercooled atmosphere and the hopeful wait for the first kiss. More 80s is not possible.

Spotify Liste zum nachhören

Maybe Tomorrow
6 cl Gin
3 cl Zuckersirup
1 cl Lime Juice
2 Dashes Bitters
1 Dash Curacao

+++ 01.08.2020 +++

Gewalt - Snooze /Puppe Pre-Order

„Snooze / Puppe“ ist die 9. Single Veröffentlichung der neuen Musikgruppe Gewalt. Diese Singleveröffentlichung kam zustande in einem großen Akt von Solidarität. Besonders sind da zu nennen Markus Beck, Freddy, Chris Breuer, Fehmi Baumbach, Magnus Winter und Jana Gumprecht und die Videocrew, Philipp Welsing, Phillip Staffa, Olaf Opal, Agata Trofimiak und Gregor Samsa.
Wie so oft betreten wir (wie so oft unmerklich für den Hörer) neues Terrain. Auf den kranken Dub Reggae Groove von "Snooze" tritt erstmals die klare kalte Stimme von Helen Henfling in den Vordergrund. Neumitglied Jasmin Rilke macht sich bei ihrer ersten Gewaltaufnahme gleich unentbehrlich und zimmert auf Snooze ein 70ies Doom Bass Riff für die Ewigkeit.
„Puppe“ ist das was Gewalt am liebsten tut: Old School Hip Hop.
Am Ende ist es irgendwie immer Gewalt.

Zu den Songs:
Klingelt unser Wecker, stehen wir auf und tun was wir tun. Ob es uns gefällt oder nicht (unser Leben), wir sind der festen Überzeugung, dass das das Leben ist. Die andere Welt, die wir in unseren Träumen berühren, nehmen wir oft nicht wahr oder nicht ernst. Wir tun sie ab als jongliere unser Geist nur mit Gedanken. Was aber, wenn wir uns entscheiden endlos, liegen zu bleiben, den Wecker wieder und wieder ein weiteres Mal auf "Snooze" zu stellen. Wir beginnen unsere Träume zu leben und sie zu gestalten. Wir entscheiden uns für eine aufregendere intensivere Wirklichkeit und lassen die eigentliche Realität, diese "klebrige unklare Welt" hinter uns zurück.

Ich weiss, wer ich bin - ich weiss, warum ich so geworden bin - ich kenne die Kräfte die auf mich einwirken. Bin ich krank? Ist krank sein normal? Was nützt meine Reflexion? Oft bleibt es unmöglich, sich der Liebe zu nähern, sei sie auch noch so greifbar.

Pre-Order Shoplink >>>
Gewalt - Snooze / Puppe

+++ 22.04.2020 +++

Frankie Stubbs - s/t 10" repress

On January 1, 2000, I wrote a fax to Frankie and asked him, if he would like to release a few songs on my label - Sounds of Subterrania. 4months later - these six very special songs were released. 20 years later - Frankie is back on stage and we had thought about reissuing this record, which had been sold out for a long time, and selling it at his concerts.

Now Covid-19!

Labels and artists can only exist, if there are also places, where concerts take place. Because of this and to support one of these places, the Hafenklang in Hamburg, the 10inch can be bought immediately. 10% of the profit will be used to support the work of the "Hafenklang". So that enough donation money can be generated, the official sale in stores only starts, when 300 records have been sold directly.

You can order here

+++ 20.02.2020 +++

Flamingo Pit - a weekend full of skating, music and much more!⁣⁣⁣

For the 2nd time Sounds of Subterrania is really proud, beeing a part of the legendary Flamingo Pit, a weekend full of skating, music and much more!⁣⁣⁣
Come and join the girls and the boys from the 21st to 24th May 2020 in one of Denmark’s nicest spots, the Streetdome in Haderslev.⁣⁣⁣
For registration write an email to⁣⁣⁣
There’s gonna be...⁣⁣⁣
• a rollerdisco⁣⁣⁣
• a movie night ⁣⁣⁣
• concerts⁣⁣⁣
• super skater contest⁣⁣⁣
• Flamingo Pit badges⁣⁣⁣
• bar camp/workshops⁣⁣⁣
• death race ⁣⁣⁣
• Tombola ⁣⁣⁣
Ticket Price
A ticket is 68€ and includes the barcamp workshops, contests, the rollerdisco, the concerts and food (including breakfast, lunch and dinner).⁣

The concerts in the evening are free - come and join us even if you don't have a ticket.⁣

If you'd like to give a workshop or share some knowledge or skills please let us know - as the event is a bar camp we happily invite you to contribute.⁣

Please find yourself a sleeping place in Harderslev. If you are on a budget, there will be limited sleeping capabilities in the Streetdome, as well. Please get in touch with us, if need help.⁣

It is the responsibility of the participant that she/he is medically fit to participate in any skatepark activities. Be assure that you must have medical insurance in place to cover any expenses related to any potential injury that may arise from your participation in the RampCamp.⁣

Please register via email. You will then receive further instructions. ⁣

Registration address:⁣
Can’t wait to meet you gals and guys! This is going be fun! ⁣⁣ And thanks Dr.Knoche/Clor for the amazong poster!

+++ 20.01.2020 +++


»Mit Faratuben begrüßt Sounds of Subterrania die dritte afrikanische Band in seinen Reihen.«

Genauer gesagt sind Faratuben in Mali beheimatet und Angehörige der Bobo.
Den Bobos werden ca. 110.000 Menschen auf dem Staatsgebiet von Burkina-Faso und Mali zugeordnet und, was mir besonders sympathisch ist, das Konzept, die politische Macht in die Hände eines Einzelnen zu legen, ist den Bobo fremd. Traditionelle Bobo-Musik wird nur auf dem Balafon (trad. Westafrikanische Marimba) gespielt und war bis vor 20 Jahren eine rein akustische Musik.
Pakouene Francois Koita ergänzte dann im Jahr 2000 die Musik durch Gitarren und elektronische Verstärkung und brachte sie in die kleinen Clubs der Hauptstadt Bamako. Ebenfalls unterrichtete er seine Söhne Dieudonne (Bass, Komposition, Gitarre) und Ernest (Leadgitarre), um diesen neuen Stil zu spielen. Zusammen mit ihrem älteren Bruder, dem mehrfach preisgekrönten Balafonisten, Kassim Koita komponierten sie Songs und nahmen für Ben Zabo auf.
2015 hat Dieudonne Koita, der jüngste Bruder, bei einem Musikeraustausch neue Freunde in Dänemark gewonnen. Zufällig trafen sie sich bei während eines Projektes beim 1. Bamako Jazzfestival. Sie begannen zusammen Musik zu komponieren und gründeten 2016 die Gruppe Faratuben. Die Veröffentlichung ihre ersten beiden Singles: Pari (Frieden) und Terete (der Hochzeitstanz), die in Mali schnell Beachtung fand, folgte.
Die große Entfernung machte es der Gruppe schwer einen kontinuierlichen Workflow aufrechtzuerhalten und ein vollständiges Album zu erstellen. Nach einer fünf-monatigen Unterbrechung entschied sich der dänische Teil der Band ihre Heimat zu verlassen und dauerhaft nach Bamako zu ziehen. Dies ermöglichte es der Gruppe sich auf ihren Sound zu konzentrieren und sie begannen jede Woche, sowohl traditionelle Zeremonien, als auch Konzerte in den Nachtclubs von Bamako zu spielen.
Der Name Faratuben symbolisiert übrigens genau diese Zusammentreffen der Musiker, denn er setzt sich aus den Wörtern Farafin (schwarzer Mann) und Toubabou (weißer Mann) zusammen. Die Musik von Faratuben ist, obwohl verwurzelt, doch den Traditionen der Bobo-Dörfer entwachsen und stammt eindeutig aus diesem Jahrtausend. Sie steht so mit den vielen Synthesizern und Clubbeats für das neue Afrika.
Mit ihrem Debütalbum, Sira Kura (Neue Richtung) erzählt die Band eine Geschichte von sozialer Ungerechtigkeit in ihrer Heimat Mali, wo die Bobo-Kultur immer noch um Akzeptanz in der Gesellschaft ringt. Die Platte ist aber auch ein internationaler Aufruf, unsere Unterschiede in einer geteilten Welt zu verstehen und zu akzeptieren.
Wenn die Gruppe nicht außerhalb Afrikas tourt, führt sie weiterhin traditionelle Zeremonien in Mali durch und unterstützt andere Bobo-Künstler, wie Salome Dembele und Ben Zabo. Die Band arbeitet derzeit an ihrem nächsten Album."

Kommende Tourdaten
30.06.20 - DK - Roskilde - Festival
09.07.20 - DK - Kopenhagen - Roots and Jazz Festival
17.07.20 - DK - Syorugota, Färöer - G-Festival
18.07.20 - DK - Ringe - Rudme Festival
15.08.20 - DK - Bjert - Blue Bridge Festival

+++ 23.12.2019 +++

African Connection

Sounds of Subterrania just got the news that Frank "CC YoYo" Ankrah, drummer for African Connection and former drummer for Fela Kuti, passed away on December 15th. I only met Frank once and only once had the chance to listen to his drums live.
The attempt to bring African Connection and therefore Frank to Europe for more concerts failed due to the racist policies of the European Union.
My thoughts are with his friends, his fellow musicians and his family. I will remember his music and his laughter.

Thanks Frank for your music!

+++ 18.08.2019 +++

Columbian Neckties - 20 years

Ich erinnere mich noch genau an die ersten Fahrten. Bus ausleihen, 780 km auf der E45/A7 auf nach Norden. Ein Stop zum Tanken an der Raststätte "Hüttenberger Berge Ost". Weiter gefahren. Bei Simon dem alten und neuen Bassisten der Neckties geschlafen und zurück nach Deutschland zum Touren. Letzte Show zumeist in Holland gehabt. Nach dem Auftritt los, im Auto geschlafen und früh zurück nach Kassel um den Bus abzugeben.

Auf der Tour zumeist gefahren, Jeppe immer als Beifahrer an der Seite, der Rest schlief. Henrik war fürs Einladen zuständig. Irgendwann schließen sich alle Kreise. Letztes Jahr wurde Sounds of Subterrania 20 Jahre alt, dieses Jahr werden es die Columbian Neckties. Also was gibt besseres als das Ganze mit einem kleinen Festival zu feiern. Also Stifte rausgeholt und notiert: 23./24. August 2019 1000Fryd / Aalborg - Why changed your moves? - Festival. Viele Wegbegleiter und Freunde wird man dort treffen und auch mich und weil man so ein Ereignis nicht alleine stehen lassen kann, sind fürs Jubiläumsjahr noch ein paar Überraschungen geplant. Also seit gespannt.

+++ 23.07.2019 +++

Die! Die! Die! - Die! Die! Die! have announced their new EP, 'O'

Their first release in a couple of years finds bassist Lachlan Anderson return to the fold after eight years away. Recorded in just one afternoon, the EP exudes urgency and marks a return to earlier form. The guitars jolt and scratch, sharp treble explosions that crackle like fire. They’re choppy and cut across the rhythm section at blurred, oblique angles, fraying the edges as they side and scrape skewiff and frenetic. The rhythm section pins it all together tight, but it’s attacking, relentlessly kinetic and propulsive, driving, and simultaneously solid and agile.

‘These songs find the band much more raw and harsh than they have sounded in years. Maybe it’s something personal or maybe it’s because the world is on fire’, writes Nate Holdren in his enthusiastic text which accompanies the release. It’s true: New Zealand may not be the place most directly feeling the pain of Trump or Brexit or now Johnson, but it’s clear it’s no place to be. In fact, the bottom line is that there simply is no place to be right now, with rapidly accelerating climate change and, quite simply everything. We’re all doomed. But while we’re all screwed, at least we still have art and music.

‘Casualties of Decades’ slams in hard by way of an opener, machine gun drumming driving a stop/start riff attack that’s a blend of Shellac, Fugazi, and Trail of Dead. ‘What We Choose to Remember’ is also reminiscent of Shellac, the minimal lyrics half-spoken, half shouted, and half buried beneath angular guitar blasts and a throbbing bass that’s less of a groove than a hammer assault. It’s the bass that dominates ‘Everyone Else’ and hold the whole blustering, blistering racket together. ‘Break the Mirror’ rams it home in a blistering minute and 23 seconds, a full-tilt stuttering frenzy of (post)punk noise that goes hell for leather in a scream of feedback.

This is the sound of a band rejuvenated, reinvigorated, a band bursting with energy, passion, and fury. There’s no shortage of things to fuel fury in the world now, and I’m certainly not the only one with a vast thirst for music which channels that fury and frustration.

+++ 01.07.2019 +++

Gewalt - Gewalt nominiert für VIA Award 2019

Wie redet man darüber ohne ungerecht zu sein? Ich habe 2012 die Goldene Indieaxt erhalten und sehe das nach wie vor als eine Würdigung meiner Arbeit. Damals haben 4 Leute aus der Geschäftsleitung des VUT beschlossen, das ich sie für meine Arbeit und meine Einstellung verdient habe.
Jetzt gibt es die VIA Awards und die Axt wurde in abgewandelter Art eine weitere Form der Interessenvertretung in Politik und Gesellschaft . Ich muss nicht extra erwähnen, das es meiner Meinung nach andere Mittel gibt Staatsbeamte und Politiker zu würdigen. Nundenn, zurück zum VIA Award. Es gibt 4 verschieden Kategorien in der eine Jury bestehend aus 250 musikwirtschaftlich Werktätigen ihrer Meinung nach herausragende Leistungen vorschlagen können. Das es bei diesen Votings zu einer Häufung der immer gleichen Künstler und Labels kommt, sehe ich persönlich mittlerweile als Bankrotterklärung der Jury an. Dieses war auch der Grund, das ich diese 2018 verlassen habe. Speziell kennen die meisten da anscheinend nur 5 Vertreter der einzelnen Sparten. Schade! Ein anderes und für mich größeres Problem sehe ich aber in dem selbstgewählten Sachverhalt der Übernahme der Merlin Definition für Independent. Diese Definition erlaubt es alle Indiekünstler und Labels, welche über Major Label vertrieben werden, als Independent gewertet zu werden. Dieser Trick dient einzig und allein Statistiken zu verbessern und somit vielleicht bessere wirtschaftliche Argumente in der Politik zu erhalten. Was dabei billigend in Kauf genommen wird, ist der Umstand der Verwässerung der Positionierung als Gegenkultur. Das dieses geschieht, sieht man an den zahlreichen Nominierungen von "Major Label Künstlern".
Eine kleine Ausnahme bildet die Kategorie Newcomer. Hier können alle Mitglieder des VUT abstimmen und das macht zum einen die Liste etwas spannender, zum anderen kann man in der Longlist unbekannte Perlen entdecken. Gewalt wurden nun in dieser Kategorie nominiert und das freut mich natürlich. Auf der anderen Seite lindert es nicht meine Angst der entgültigen Akkulturation von Subkultur.
Wie es ausgeht liegt in unserer Hand. Und dieser kurze Text soll helfen sich dieser Problematik zu nähern und eine Aufforderung sein gemeinsam Gegenstrategien zu entwickeln.