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11 P M

Hobby hardcore, punk, etc. label from city stadium in Richmond, Virginia.


vienna based label for Punkrock and Postnoise.

Adagio 830

Adagio830 started in 1997 as a small distro out of my bedroom and a little bit later the first release has been out.

African Tape

Noise label from Italy run by Julien Fernandez (Chevreuil, Passe Montagne).

Alien Snatch

Started in 1999 in Germany as a vinyl only record label in a village behind the moon moon. A crusade of great punk, powerpop and garage rock and borderline-cultish love of budget rock.


Amok Records is a record Label releasing Punk and Hardcore Music since 1989. After a break beginning in 1995 it started to release again in 2019.

Angry Voice

D.I.Y. Label and Shop for political HC/Punk, Soner/Doom and Metalpunk based in Finsterwalde.

Anti Fade Records

Anti Fade Records is a record label run by Billy Gardner based in Geelong. "one of Australia’s best-loved independent labels...[and] Australia’s best export for garage, punk, shoegaze and psych"


In 2005 Bacelor started as an vinyl only label at a time when vinyl was not for hipsters, it was for weirdos, collectors, nerds.

Beach Impediment

Hardcorepunk Label from Richmond, Virginia.


Swedish independent punk rock label, based in Stockholm and started in 1994.


Independent punk record label from Hamburg . Specialized in Russian Antifapunk.

Busy Bee

Swedish based label focused on releasing culture records/books/events with one foot in the past and one foot in the present.
Punk /garage/psych/mod revival/beat from yesteryear til now.

Cache Cache

A sub-label of Finders Keepers set up to "seek out shyly excitable electric pop music from the not too distant past".

Castle Face

... is an American independent record label, founded in 2006 by John Dwyer, Matt Jones and Brian Lee Hughes. The label was initially formed to release the 6th album by Dwyer's band the Thee Oh Sees.


Contraszt! is a DIY – label and mailorder based in cologne and has been around since 2006. It understands itself as a politcal project that takes a clear antifascist, antiracist, anticapitalist,


... started in 2004 with the debut album of the swedish Mod band THE MOVING SOUNDS. It was planned as a one time off-shot of Hamburg based Mailorder butbut it turned out differently.


Hardcore Punk record label originally from Caen, France now relocated partially in Paris and Cherbourg !


Just what the wwworld needs, another small obscure independent record label... Visit the brick and mortar in beautiful downtown Leesburg, Virginia today!

Drunken Sailor

Drunken Sailor Records started in 2010.

East Side records

East Germany D.I.Y.-Punkrock-Label- Home of Trashcan Darlings, Momo Lamana and (Attila The Stockbroker's) Barnstormer


specialized in East German punk

Electronic Purification

Label dedicated to retrowave, electronic music, especially 80s influenced synthwave and outrun.

Erste Theke Tonträger

ETT is a independent underground music label dedicated to bringing you vinyl releases of your favorite punk, hardcore, powerpop and rock’n'roll bands.


Record label located in NYC. Specializing in music for adults.

Expert Work

A record label from Columbia, MO. est 2016.
specialist for lost, forgotten, posthumous releases.

Feel It

Feel It began in 2010 edited by Sam Richardson. The record label was pure hobby, releasing 7"s and cassettes for central Virginia groups.

Finders Keepers

a British record label introducing fans of psychedelic/jazz/folk/funk/avant-garde and whacked-out movie musak to a lost world of undiscovered vinyl artifacts from the annals of alternative pop history


is an independent label established in 2010, based in Zagreb, Croatia. The music they release is vibrant and passionate, from a broad musical spectrum: they go full circle when it comes to diversity.

Green Cookie

Record Label for Surf and Garage based in Thessaloniki, Greece


Spain based reissue record label group, key name in the psychedelic, progressive and folk reissue field worldwide.

Hafenschlamm Records

Hafenschlammrekords [alternative spelling] is a small Vinyl Label, a Mailorder and a Record Store in Hamburg, Germany.

Hearts Bleed Blue

is an independent music label, founded in São Paulo/Brazil, out of a passion for local punk

Heavy Metal Vomit Party

... is a independent record label and distribution from Slovakia.

Hometown Caravan

Established in 1999 at the edge of Thuringian Forest, the label later moved to Dresden. Focus is on Alt-Country, Americana, Folk, Indie and Singer/Songwriter records.

Howlin Banana

Indie record label - French Pop, Post-Punk, Garage, Shoegaze

If Society

Small indie label from Helsinki, Finland. Loves good music, no no limits. Try us, we might like you, too.

In Gute Hände

In Gute Hände is an indie label from Augsburg, Bavaria. Brought to life by David Jahnke and Moritz Illner, both founders of Duophonic and Bruno Tenschert alias Der Herr Polaris.

Iron Lung

Record label run by Jensen Ward and Jon Kortland of the band Iron Lung.


Berlin based record label for (riff) heavy music.

JuJu Sounds

JuJu Sounds collates field recordings and stories about music from all corners of the globe. Specialist of music and the practices related to transcendental experiences, initiation and ritual.

Just Add Water

San Francisco and Berkeley based label established in 1994.

Kollektive Halluzination

German Noiserocklabel founded by Matthias Weishoff. Home of Party Diktator, Snob Club, Terra Flop


is family thing. They started in 2002. There is no artistic direction in particular except what we mentioned earlier. Comfortably Independent but not hardcore DIY,

La Familia

Passionate d.i.y. punk and hardcore label.

La Vida Es Un Mus Discos

La Vida Es Un Mus, also known as La Vida Es Un Mus Discos, is an English independent record label specialising in underground punk founded in the London Borough of Hackney in 1999.

Little Rocket

Independent Punk Rock Record Label from Sunderland. Home of Frankie Stubbs and Leatherface


el soul es una droga. so soul is what u need. garage-soul.

Lotte Lindenberg

Recordstudio and Label based in the heart of Frankfurt/M.


Lövely is an independent and alternative pop/rock/punk/HC label based in Sweden with a big love for all indie/alternative music with a punk heart.

Loxi Poloxi

Loxi Poloxi D.I.Y. Plattengedöns!


Mangel Records is a Berlin collective consisting of 4 people and specializes in Postpunk.

Massive 92

MASSIVE 92 is newly 2021-established record label. MASSIVE 92 is all about passion and rock 'n' roll, and yes we can't deny a certain bias towards the traditions of British guitar music)

Mendeku Diskak

Punk/Oi!/Hardcore record label from the Basque Country


... is an independent label established and run since 2004 by a handful of music enthusiasts from Slovenia and Croatia under the command of Mr. Moonlee, a giant lemon not very fond of being squeezed.


Prog / Psych / Stoner / Doom / Space - Label from Lima, Peru. Active since 2013.

Neon Taste

Hardcorelabel from Vancouver, British Columbia. Home of Bootlicker and Chain Whip.


Niffa Records grew from the idea of putting out records as an independent artist without licking asses and/or being a slave to the music industry.

No Spirit

Hardcore/Punk DIY Label based in Hamburg.

Noise Appeal

Since 2003, Noise Appeal /Vienna consistently releases music of the local and international underground and consciously tries to be caught between the two stols.

Not Sorry

Hamburg based Punk and Hardcorelabel

Order 05

german postpunklabel

Per Koro

independent and d.i.y. label for hardcore, punk, metal and related music, based in bielefeld, germany


Punk, Postpunk, Noise, Synthwave since 2012.


D-beat / crust / punk label based in Czech Republic.

Pixeleye Industries

Home of DIAMOND KOBRA. A music project brainchilded by Dirk Behlau (under his pseudonym Otto Løfgren) inspired by 1980s Science Fiction


Colombian independent record label dedicated to electronic latam music.

Push My Buttons

Stockholm-based label from Sweden founded by Thomas Hildebrandt and Lotta Hallin .

Quality Control

Based in London since 2011, Quality Control HQ Records releases the very best of UK hardcore punk and crossover, having been a part of the community that spawned the NWOBHC.


Swedish hardcore fanzine and label.

Red Lounge

Run by Tex Dixigas.


Indie record label dedicated to French prog-rock


US label, began in 1989 as an underground music shop in Baltimore, MD. Began releasing records in 1993.

Restless Empire

Reissue label focused on the sounds of the late 70's and 80's !

Rock is Hell

Since 2004 the well-respected abel Rock Is Hell has been releasing experimental, obscure, bizzaro and avant-garde music of all genres and styles. The mission is focusing on quality over quantity.




Punk Rock Label since 1998. Based in Aaachen.

Ruin Nation

Undergound DIY Independent Record Label Est. 1993.


German Label from Saxony. Startet in 1999. Home of Kaltfront, Rummelsnuff and Paranoia.


French label from Paris. Sister label: Crudités.

Sheep Chase

Sheep Chase Records is an independent label located in the woods outside of Oslo, Norway. The label was founded in 2011 by Terje Ekrene Vik.

Six Tonnes De Chair

One-man DIY and aesthetic French music label.

Skuld Releases

Skuld Releases was a German DIY Record Label established in '91 and for many years the flagship of the international DIY anarcho punk / crustcore scene. It was run by Kleister and now from Ruin Nation

Sorry State

A record label from Raleigh, NC concentrating on hardcore, punk, garage rock, and other intense and weird music. Also now a brick-and-mortar record store located in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Sounds of Subterrania

my own small world

Specialist Subject

A record label and shop, Bristol UK. Releases by the likes of Muncie Girls, Doe, Great Cynics, Shit Present, Personal Best, The Fairweather Band, Austeros...


French 2-headed vinyl only record label.

Static Age

Static Shock

A London based label focusing on hardcore and punk that is owned and operated by Tom Ellis (Crash The Pose, The Chisel, The Sauce, The Shitty Limits).

Still Unbeatable

Started in 2008 and dedicated to bring back the music and spirit of '77, by bringing out never before released punk and powerpop songs from back in the day.


Stupido Records is a Finnish label founded in 1989. It was previously called Stupido Twins and changed its name in around 2000.


a diy label from Tuebingen, germany.

Symphony of Destruction

Analog Label

Sweet Time

Rock N Roll record label from Nashville, Tennessee.

Taken by Surprise

... started in the summer of 2008. Based in Munich, Bavaria, this is and will always be a one man operation dedicated to bringing you vinyl releases of your favorite punk, hardcore

Time For Action

cool Mod and Powerpop label from germany.

Total Punk

Total Punk is a Punk label and online store based out of Portland, OR.


DIY punk / indie label located in Berlin (Germany). Founded in 2009 in Ganey Tikva (Israel). The house and roof top of many israeli punk / hardcore / indie acts as well as European.

Under the Gun

Punkrocklabel from Los Angeles


Music label from Hamburg covering all the good stuff from punkrock to hardcore to rap.

Une Vie Pour Rien

french Oi- and Streetpunklabel.


PunkRock Label since 1996.

Wire Globe Recordings

austrian postpunk label.