Rachael Gordon

»The coming of spring«

LP / CD 2002

Sounds of Subterrania

SoS 023 / SoS 024

1. Where Are You Tonight
2. Break My Heart
3. Dream Away
4. I Know You're In Love Again
5. Drop By And Stay
6. Ariel
7. Don't Leave Me Now
8. Fun At Your House (remake)
9. Hearts Will Be Broken
10. Dresden Station
11. Come And Get It
12. Almost
13. The Farewell Song
14. You Got It

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7`` 2003

Sounds of Subterrania

SoS 050

1. All Sorts
2. Crying in the night
3. You?ll never put me down
4. Dr. Stanley

Wonderful coloured Vinyl Split 45 w/two tracks each! The Bad Apples were just on tour here with Rachael..! Rachael plays again two of her supernice Pop Nuggets, so melodic, so shiny little masters. The Bad Apples play incredible catchy 60s Garagepop, complete with swirling organ. Both, Rachael and The Bad Apples come from San Diego/ California and you feel the sun on your skin, when you listen the songs.

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Live Line-Up:
Vocals- Rachael Gordon
Guitar, organ, vocals - Tim Hines
Guitar, vocals- Dante Conti
Bass - Bill Fuson
Drum - Mike Kamoo

Reports on the death of rock and roll are greatly exaggerated. As evidence, may I present Rachael Gordon. This California singer is the antidote to today's stale cookie cutter music scene, mixing rock, folk and pop for a sound uniquely her own. Assembling a crack team of San Diego's best musicians and writers, Rachael has put together as strong a collection of original tunes as you're likely to hear- "The Coming Of Spring".
It really is an incredible collection of songs. From the sonic blast of "Where Are you Tonight" to the girl group magic of "Fun At Your House", In addition to great new custom tunes from the pens of Mendoza, Brandes, Penalosa, Croce, Von Sneidern and Barajas - all names that should be familiar to any discerning pop fan- Rachael makes the perfect music for anyone who likes their tunes vibrant, rocking, inspired, and delivered with a manic conviction. This is an album meant to be played loud, sung along to, and then played again.