Prison 11


LP / CD 1999

Sounds of Subterrania

SoS 002

1. on your side
2. falling down
3. never known
4. tonight
5. don't care
6. turn around
7. here comes my day
8. confused
9. day by day
10. blisters at my hand
11. gave you all
12. secrets
13. like a train

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Guitar, Vocals - Björn
Guitar - Tom
Bass - Mark
Drum - Kai-Uwe

Well, this beautiful piece of punk-rock is the one and only longplay-release of a band that was deeply unconventional and non-conform in the so called unconventional and non-conform R´n´R-subculture itself. The band didn´t take care about booking, had no interests in promotion or advertising, gave a shit on outtakes, music press or even career and success, so that professionals in music-business often declared that they were absolutely unmanageable ...not so Gregor! He was man enough to sign them in his early days of „Sounds of Subterrania“. „Sidekicks“ contains fourteen fast, hot and emotional melodic punk rock numbers which were recorded in two seperate studio sessions in less than two whiskey-drenched weekends in 1995 and 1996.
Press-feedbacks compare the P11-sound to bands like Mega City Four, Leatherface, Hüsker Dü, Lifetime, Gameface, Bullet Lavolta, Parasites, Green Day, Black Train Jack, Bad Religion, Social Distortion, Descendents, NOFX, Nirvana and even Radio Birdman at the same time (last listed R.B. especially for their strange piano version of „Something´s going wrong“ that was originally performed with screaming metal guitars on their debut-ep „Individual being“). Some reviewers found the sound is much too fine and “modern“, others were hardly convinced that „Sidekicks“ is one of the rare releases in our days which is an absolutely timeless and independant couple of songs and melodies. In fact they were and still are absolutely rare! A sensitive screaming voice on the mics, melodies to fall in love with, up tempo drumming, catchy hooklines by hard guitars combined with power-pop attitudes and excellent story-teller-lyrics between life, love and leaving salute the sufferers and survivors of the dying 20th Century. The uncomplicated arrangement of the songs support the face of the band, which is as true and honest as serious and simple. The band finally broke in consequence of a never ending period of several individual catastrophies like drugs, alcohol, lots of fateful human deseases and uncountable incredible accidents as well. That might sound like a bunch of tragedies stained by the darkest sides of private biographies, but people say: They´re still standing! Individually! In their own words: „I found some salvation in chords like these...“