The release date for the first album is 1st May .
The first single coffee also conquered number 1 on the Austria Indie Charts.


12`` 2017

Sounds of Subterrania

SoS 156

1. Paracaidas
2. Magica Nueva
3. Cumbia 94

The guys from Denmark compound cumbia, tropical bass, surf rock, psychedelic electronic sound and take the listeners on an intoxicating adventure. Hypnotic beats are accentuated by melodic elements of tribal and ritual sounds from the foggy jungles of South America. On stage, the five-headed Danish band combines electronic with instruments such as saxophone, flutes, guitars, bass and percussion to create a fusion of digital and analogue music. This unique sound not only carries away the listeners like a tidal wave but also seduces him the true meaning of the word cumbia, "cum" for drum and "ia" for shake, to indulge. Not only is Junglelyd and her Liveshows in Denmark already more than just an insider tip. "Gringo Funk", was chosen as one of World Music Denmark's Best Tracks of 2016. The band was invited to be the house orchestra at the prestigious Danish Music Awards World. Follow the sound! Let Junglelyd take you deep into the magic of the jungle. Or you can also shortcut it, Cumbia is the sound of the hour and Junglelyd play it.

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»Dia De Muertos«

12`` 2017

Sounds of Subterrania

SoS 157

1. Dia De Muertos
2. Cinco De Mayo
3. Relajese

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LP 2020

Sounds of Subterrania

SoS 195

1. Coffee
2. Boots
3. Lucerito de la Mañana
4. Juego Chicha
5. Chacruna
6. Salí
7. Tattoo
8. Asolear
9. Danza de la Lluvia
10. Secreto de la Noche
11. Salvaje

Cumbia is a Latin Americana traditional music that originates from Colombia and has ever since spread across the whole Spanish speaking sub continent. It blends elements of indigenous South American melodies, African rhythms and European ways of developing harmonies and progress chords. With that style in mind nowadays many young artists from the Western hemispheres begin to develop an electronic variant that brings new life to the dance floors of the old ghost towns. Among those is Danish electronic artist and DJ Kenneth Rasmussen and his band JUNGLELYD. Formed in 2015 they explore the pathways of modern South American electronic music. Digital Cumbia, Tropical bass, Zouk, Moombathon, modern sounds based on traditional Latin music for dancing purposes, all that had a slight impact on the creativity of JUNGLELYD who combine digital devices and analogue instruments in their music. The delicate flute playing adds a touch of Souljazz to the hypnotically mix. All rhythms are a perfect blend of electronic beats and live percussion, while guitars, bass, brass and wood wind instruments build a rather vivid melodic superstructure.
After two EPs in 2017 the band will release their debut album in 2020 on SOUNDS OF SUBTERRANIA, a label that explores adventurous paths in music. The album begins with a relaxed Cumbia styled tune that is an anthem to the greatest life elixir: Coffee. The lightweight guitar harmonies develop, float upon spacey synthesizer waves and follow rhythmical patterns, which just intrude your locomotor system where they cause ongoing dance moves. Slightly more complex in its rhythmical structure, still as groovy as a cool piece could be, „Boots“ comes jumping up and down from your speakers. Tropical island images enter your mind, but still the electronic elements and fantastic melodies keep this song from being just a typical Latin music tune. They add the psychedelic expression of Spacerock to the haunting music from the Andes. And haunting is the best adjunct to describe the third tune „Lucerito de la Manana“ which prominently features singer Luna Ersahin on lead vocals and mystical South American pan flutes. This song even comes up with a touch of psychedelic jazz at the end due to freaky saxophone lines. Dub, Psybient, Cumbia join together for the next tracks and in opalescent colours JUNGLELYD play their mostly instrumental music to the audience, which consists of psychedelic fanatics, Cumbia lovers and electronic music aficionados. One can find a whole new spiritual world in this futuristic exotica style. The jungle to which it drags the listener exists only on giant computer screens all around the listener’s mind. Imagine the dance floors in todays clubs, steam and boil while dance hungry souls float through the night. The musicianship of this collective is extraordinarily high, the wind instruments showcase an unusual dedication and determination for additional colour effects on mainly electronic sound creations. And the sweet twangy guitars here and there bring back memories of times when the ideal world also found its expression in dreamy sounds. This album is an ongoing dream and you can make it yours if you dare to explore the digital jungle created by JUNGLELYD.

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Junglelyd - Roots and Hybrid Festival 2018

Junglelyd - Coffee

Junglelyd - Down the Rabbit Hole (Live)


electro - Kenneth Rasmussen
guitar - Lasse Aagaard
guitar - Olaf Brinch
bass -Asbjörn Helboe
saxophone - Lasse Enöe

Junglelyd is a new danish electronic liveband that with acoustic instruments, beats and psychedelic sounds invites the listeners into a world of Tropical Bass, Cumbia and Electronica.
Junglelyd was started in the beginning of 2015 in Denmark by DJ Kenneth Rasmussen as a danish intepretation of the modern wave of south american electronic music in genres such as Digital Cumbia, Tropical Bass, World, Zouk, Moombahton, Latin and Dub. Junglelyd is Kenneth Rasmussen, Lasse Aagaard (Damn The Torpedoes, Surferinoes), Olaf Brinch (AddisAbabaBand), Asbjörn Helboe (Lis Er Stille) and Lasse Enöe (AddisAbabaBand, Blunt). In liveconcerts the band is extended by the 2 percussionists Feike Von Coppi and Martin Robert Madsen (both from AddisAbabaBand), and the VJ Maj Martinsen and sound-technican Oliver Halken Tönnes.