There are records that accompany you throughout your entire life. In 1996, two years before I founded my label, I drove to neigh-boring Göttingen. Three English bands were playing a gig together. Broccoli, Wat Tyler and Jessie. The unsuspecting, would not know them, while those in the know would be delighted!
Not knowing how busy it would be, we set off very early, of course much too early and so there was time to stow all the records we bought at the merch stall in the car and kill time in the half-empty concert hall. To put it simply, it was one of the concerts you will never forget. Not because anything spectacular happened, but because it was the start of a friendship and a deepening love for the music of the man from Sunderland in the North East of England.
Now 28 years later, my friend Graeme from Little Rocket Records is releasing their songs on a double LP, Sounds of Subterrania is taking over the distribution and that's not all. There will be a small Sounds of Subterrania limited edition of 100 with screen-printed artwork and band card, of course on traditional but simple, black Vinyl.

»Complete Discography«

DoLP 2024

Sounds of Subterrania

SoS 235

1. Indestructable
2. Smarm
3. Gone Fishing
4. Everwas
5. Jack Christ
6. As Your Mind Closed
7. Rant
8. World
9. Dogsong
10. Room
11. Paradoxical Thing
12. Handful Of Earth
13. Big Freeze
14. Truly Beautiful
15. Rant (7" Single Mix)
16. Song About A Dog (7" Single Mix)
17. Indestructible (7" Single Mix)
18. Room (7" Single Mix)
19. Handful Of Earth (7" Single Mix)
20. Jack Christ (7" Single Mix)
21. Paradoxical Thing (7" Single Mix)
22. Hey Hey

limited on 100 copies. silkscreenprint

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