Sory Dao - Leadsinger
Kassim Koita - Balafon
Mikas Bøgh - Keys/guitar
Ernest Koita - Guitar
Dieudonne Koita - Guitar
Jens Peter Møller - Bass
Jean Diarra - Percussion
Jakob De Place - Drums

Faratuben is a great meeting between first rate musicians from Mali and Denmark. The name, is a mix of the words Farafin (black) and Toubabou (white). Instead of playing the traditional kora music, that we know from Toumani Diabaté and Salif Keita, they are representing the bobo-culture. The bobo-music is made for dancing and drinking, and is traditionally played on only balafon (trad. Westafrican marimba) and talking drums in the bobo villages. In the beginning of 2000 it became electrified and brought to the small clubs in Bamako, where it is played in a rough and harddriven way. It was the legendary guitarist and composer, Pakouene Francois Koita, who electrified and brought the music to the capital. Here, he taught his sons, Dieudonne (bas, composition, guitar) and Ernest (lead guitar), to play in this new style. Together with their older brother, the multi award winning balafon-player, Kassim Koita, they arranged and recorded for Ben Zabo. He was the first bobo-artist ever to be played in national radio and his first album got released on Glitterbeat, one of the biggest labels for world music. This gave them a tour in Germany, but soon after returning to Bamako, they split up.
In 2015 Dieudonne Koita, the youngest member of the brothers, got some new friends from Denmark. Accidently they met up on a project for the 1st edition of Bamako Jazzfestival. They started composing music together and in 2016 they formed the group Faratuben and released their first two singles: Pari (peace), and Terete (the wedding dance, which quickly gained notice in Mali. The long distance made it hard for the group to keep a continuing workflow and make a full album. But after 5 months separation, the danish part of the band, left their native Denmark and moved permanently to Bamako. This enabled the group to work focused on their sound and they started to play both traditional ceremonies and gigs in the nightclubs of Bamako, every week.
The music of Faratuben is clearly from this millennium with lots of synthesizers and clubbeats, but still rooted in the traditions from the bobo-villages, that the 3 malian musicians were taught by their father. With their debut album from 2018, Sira Kura (new direction), the band tells a story of social injustice in their native Mali, where the bobo-culture is still struggling for acceptance in society. But, the record is also an international call for understanding and embracing our differences, in a divided world.
When not touring outside Africa, the group continue to perform traditional ceremonies in Mali, as well as supporting other bobo artists like Salome Dembele and Ben Zabo. The band is currently working on their next album


30.06.20 - Roskilde - Roskilde Festival
09.07.20 - Kopenhagen - Roots and Jazz Festival
17.07.20 - Syorugota - Färöer - G-Festival
18.07.20 - Ringe - Rudme Festival
15.08.20 - Bjert - Blue Bridge Festival

Terete (la danse de marriage)

Pari (la paix)