Blood Sucking Freaks


Vocals, Guitar - Pete the Stud
Bass - Adam Freak
Drum - Little Chappy

Blood Sucking Freaks, the 3 big guns from Adelaide Rock City /Australia. Basically, the Freaks have been existing since 94 and this, the second, album was recorded by Bored!'s Dave Thomas at Birdland Studios. -Bottlesick- is indeed a barrage of thunderous, ugly as fuck rock action. A wild and drunken ride, messy and brilliant all at once. No lame trendypussyshit here, folks. Forget about kicking some hard rock poser's ass, this one's a real punk-rock-punch-in-the-teeth.


LP / CD 2000

Sounds of Subterrania

SoS 012

1. Guttertrash
2. Bottlesick
3. Suck me
4. New Rose
5. Kunt
6. Within
7. I don`t need
8. Stretch
9. Beast
10. Frozen
11. Lets kill again
12. Fucked Around
13. Nothin to prove
14. Has been
15. Lover

Die australischen Blutsauger rocken hier alles in Grund und Boden. Mischung aus Poison Idea und Antiseen, mindestens so gut wie Zeke und New Bomb Turks zusammen, von den Hardrock-Posern aus Skandinavien ganz zu schweigen. Kurze wilde R`n`R-Punk-Smasher mit rauhem, dreckigem Gesang, die Refrains hymnenartig zum Mitsingen. Voll das Brett

recorded at Birdland Studio, Melbourn 1999
recorded by Dave Thomas and Michael Alonso, mastered by Lindsay Gravina
Coverdesign by Pete the Stud, Craig Bailey and Gregor Samsa

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