On the 1st of June the world will be compensated for bearing decades of uninspired popular music. Sounds Of Subterrania is delighted to be exclusively presenting the album of the decade. Amos "Imperator Of Pop", that's 12 songs definitely tearing the soles off your shoes.
Thousands of pre-orders already showed up and the forecasts are promising since in Summer 2006 friends and relatives of AMOS released the unfinished album on the iranian black market with stunning results."I can't stop my feet" the sensational success of the Bundesdance 2006 - one of the most visited german websites of the past year - with a video that got spread around the world like a virus was a mere foretaste of what this man has still got in store for us.Prepare for even more to come. You don't have to watch out. You just won't be able to get past the Imperator. AMOS effect on women is undeniable and seems to be part of his genetic code. His Grandfather Nostallah Sufi-Siavach for instant had 81 wives and 57 children (true story!). AMOS 250 cousins, today a worldwide network of artists and adventurers like his cousin and race driver Afshin Biruni who was last seen in 1979 when he mysteriously disappeared during the Ralley Tunis Bandundu, form the perfect agars for this exceptional talent.

»I can`t stop my feet«

12" / MCD 2006

Sounds of Subterrania

SoS 064 / SoS 065

1. I can`t stop my feet
2. Imperator of Pop
3. Rock

On this double a-side single you'll find three smash hits definitely tearing the soles off your shoes. AMOS combines sugar sweet vocal harmonies with an almost classical pop arrangement that for a long time noone has performed on this level, without ever sounding too greasy. Besides, the cover artwork will improve your interiour. It's a definite must have.

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»Imperator of Pop«

DoLP / CD 2007

Sounds of Subterrania

SoS 079 / SoS 080

1. Rock
2. Funky
3. All over again
4. Lets do it tonight
5. Bla bla
6. Imperator of Pop
7. Party people
8. MTV is killing me
9. Tonite i feel like dancing
10. Harvey
11. Standstill
12. As long as

AMOS is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and entertainer. On his debut album "Imperator Of Pop" - as the name implies - you find 12 songs at the highest stage, a disco cocktail made of contemporary sound patterns and the essences of 80ies pop, coming with a souvereignity that makes you think you know AMOS eversince. At the same time this all appears so diversified and refreshingly real that you can be sure you're far-off the usual popcultural pabulum. AMOS moves ably within his precise arrangements, between guitar riffs, sirup-sweet vocal choirs and a crispy brass, doing without any razzmatazz, evocative of Quincy Jones work for the early Michael Jackson. The packaging, too, is one of a kind. AMOS - Imperator Of Pop is available via Sounds Of Subterrania! on June, the 1st 2007 as CD or Double LP, each with a stunning and lovely crafted megaposter cover. This album is truly unique.

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»Clubmixes feat. Bartellow«

LP 2008

Sounds of Subterrania

SoS 097

1. I can`t stop my feet
2. Bla bla
3. Party people
4. As long as
5. Tonite i feel like dancing
6. Rock
7. Lets do it tonight
8. Harvey

The Imperator of Pop is back. Following a successful debut album and a tour that hit international clubs like a bomb in 2007, here comes what already knew how to convince as a live set. "AMOS Clubmixes" is a new edition of 8 songs, that appear so powerful you fear your midriff gets torn. The records demonstrates the quality and changeableness of all tracks and turns the 80s muff into high-gloss. Ranging from a cowbell inferno in "I Can't Stop My Feet" that reminds of Miami Soundsystems better years over the two fisted saw synth in "Bla Bla", a pumping bassline in "Party People" that only germans entertainment wunderkinder Deichkind could take on, the contemporary minimal groove of "Tonite I Feel Like Dancing" to the syrup sweet yet omnipresent pads in the Alan Braxic "Let's Do It Tonite" - the mixture is ever homogeneous, ultrafat and confirms Amos exceptional status between pop and underground impressively. Impressed is what Leander Hau

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MCD 2009

Sounds of Subterrania

SoS 107

1. XXXmas
2. Goodbye Santa
3. Videoclip "XXXmas"

The Imperator of Pop is back! With the "Last Christmas" for the Next Generation. Come on a light-footed walk through lines so suggestive yet charming you want to sing along while laughing up your fake Santa beard. It's hard to imagine how we could celebrate christmas without XXXmas to date. But certainly it will soon belong to our common repertoire. AMOS also lets action speak as he is going to donate all benefits from the record sales to "Futuro Si!", an initiative for children from latin america.

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LP 2010

Sounds of Subterrania

SoS 100

1. Showtime
2. Thinking of You
3. Love Between Men
4. Supersonnig
5. In the Heat of the Night
6. White Snow
7. My Appartment
8. New York City
9. Are You Ready
10. Us Against the Rest of the World
11. Last Song

1. Showtime will contain 11 songs and be released on vinyl with a blank white cover. 2. A cross-genre art project. Visual artists from all over the world may create an individual artwork, send the record back in and set the price for which it is to be sold. All these one-off pieces will be exhibited and be for sale right here on 26 Aug, 2010. 11 brandnew rock tracks herald a new chapter for German-Iranian universal talent."Showtime" presents an AMOS who has grown up and lost his constraints, leaving the dancefloor of his earlier releases behind to tread in the footprints of traditional rock bands. With guitar work reminiscent of Brian May and Steve Stevens, vocal lines to match Lou Gramm or Rick Springfield and Led Zeppelin-style interludes as a striking touch in today's musical climate, AMOS remains true to his own distinctive style throughout, with his finger firmly on the pulse of contemporary music. The album is broad in scope, with each track packed with individual dynamism. From the straightforward up-tempo rhythm of "Showtime", languid power of "Love Between Men" and anthemic pop rock of "Are You Ready" to the cheesy instrumental "White Snow" and balladesque rock melodrama "Last Song", AMOS rolls out his multifaceted talent with the confidence of an artist in his element. The album's lyrics are far more profound than its predecessor, examining inner conflict - in "Showtime" and "New York City" - or focusing on social conflict, as in "Are You Ready" and "Us Against the Rest of the World". AMOS's trademark humour surfaces blackly in "Thinking of You" and "Supersonnig", his first song in German language, which tackles the current hot topic of insatiable material greed.

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Amos - The Imperator of Pop

Amos - City Kill

City Kill is the title track of the action blockbuster "City Kill - Rechnung in Blei". New York City in the 1980s controlled by the drug lord Raoul Vasquez. Amos escorts the two cunning cops Ronny and Barry on their mission to save the city - and in the end - to cause even more chaos.

Amos - Showtime

Part 1